Saving local news: A community conversation

We were thrilled to have so many of you participate in the April 12 Community Conversation to Save Local News! Your support means so much to Blade workers.
If you missed out, you can watch the discussion here:
Time stamps:
10:00: Meeting begins
15:00: Guild video
19:00: Community members show solidarity
23:00: Lack of investment in digital future
33:20: Lack of investment in staff, fear of more cuts
38:00: Other funding models for journalism?
45:00: Impact of Blade turnover
48:00: Debbie Riley Jackson speaks about layoffs
54:00: How do we rally community support?
1:02:00: Guild members speak about company's lack of vision
1:12:30: Management ignores innovative ideas
1:15:30: Guild needs to better engage community
1:17:50: What the Guild is fighting for
1:29:30: An example of egregious behavior by the Blocks
1:34:00: Conclusion